Time to see what our Board is made of.

Karma’s a bitch eh Jambos?

Isn’t it funny how things turn out?

Just 18 months ago you were taking joy in sticking the boot into us, taking an active role in the vindictive campaign to destroy Rangers.

It wasn’t just the supporters but even your chairman saw fit to release a statement showing his support for “Sporting Integrity.”

It baffles me why the supporters and club officials were so vocal about Rangers’ troubles when they must’ve known their own club’s perilous financial position.

The glee they took from putting the boot into Rangers and utter hatred they showed to us limits my sympathy to their plight now.

2 years ago I would have chipped in a few quid to help them out.

Not now though.

I’m sure I wasn’t they only one that fell off of their chair laughing at Gary Locke’s suggestion that Rangers play Hearts in a friendly at Murrayfield to aid the Tynecastle Club’s cause.

Was he oblivious to what Hearts, and the rest of the SPL for that matter, did to Rangers?

The decision has been almost unanimous from the Light Blue legions: Do one Gary!

I am in absolute agreement with that. Hearts (and everyone else!!) knew what was going to happen when they took that decision to become part of the Lawwell-led “No to Newco” brigade, which had absolutely nothing to do with “Sporting Integrity!”

I would have liked to have seen a swift response from Rangers to put any talk of this Hearts friendly to bed quickly, carefully outlining the reasons why we aren’t willing to give them a hand.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened so far.

When Charles Green left, I was worried that our board lost some of that steel we needed for the upcoming battles.  This would never have been allowed to happen under his watch.

Last month, addressing a crowded NARSA convention, Craig Mather told the fans that they “won’t forget” those who did us harm and “they would pick their moments.”

In my eyes, this is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate exactly how the Rangers family feel.

I fear a return to the dark days of the “dignified silence.”

This is the time when we should be seeing Jim Traynor making an appearance

Hopefully Mather sticks to his word when he says “we won’t forget.” The fans certainly won’t. One of the positives of the Green tenure was the unity of the board and the fans on issues such as this (the Dundee Utd boycott being a great example).

Hopefully we see an official response from the Club telling Hearts and the rest of Scottish football that they have made their bed and now they can lie in it!

 Jambos, you reap what you sow!